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What does it look like for YOU, when you are saying yes to all of you, submitting to the WORK, and doing business life AND you from that place of:

this is just how it is?

For me, I always knew I was meant to write. Speak. Create. Repeat. Oh, and sell, sure, why not? Who wouldn't?! But that place ... that place I went into when I wrote, or read, or spoke, when I was alone, with just my thoughts, my dreams, my soul, and the whole world just - faded away?

There was no place like that place in this world OR any other you care to name. There never will be.

And for as long as I can remember, that place has been the place where I feel most me. Most alive. And most free. Long before I understood how critically connected this was to my purpose, my accessing and receiving and sharing and transmitting of knowledge, creativity, wisdom from across the ages, and truth that could heal and FREE people, I just knew - it was where I needed to be.

I used to creep away. Any chance I got. Sit in the front bushes in the garden of the home I grew up in. Daydream and journal. Spy on people walking by (who else remembers Harriet the Spy?!). Write things about them. Make up more. Spend half my play breaks at school ALSO crawling into bushes, because as much as I did have friends ... some ... yep, even in my role as super nerd and teacher's pet ... what I really wanted? 

Was to be alone with what was IN me. 

Looking in.

And watching worlds,
just drop away
as new ones were created,
and I saw another way.
You know the place I speak of, don't you? 
You've been there.

And once you've been there once?

You will spend the rest of your life seeking it, and knowing - you must return.

For some of us, here is where it becomes even more important. A must. A REQUIREMENT. To go into that place and STAY there, until we are done and it is time to come out.

It becomes more important when you find that this is WHERE you find your magic,
your truth,
your purpose,
and your destiny unlocked.

It becomes more important when you start to notice that the times when you are MOST certain, MOST dropped in, MOST 'you', are the times when you are in this place, or have just come out.

It becomes more important as you slowly begin to notice that your best work comes out of this place. The stuff that thrills you. Lifts you. FEEDS you.

It becomes more important as bit by bit it's no longer possible to ignore that - huh. This is also the stuff people respond to the most. Are intrigued by. Then magnetised. And by. Oh, and! It's the work that is the easiest and most fun to bring to life. Package. Create. And sell.

It becomes more important when you finally SUBMIT to the fact that even if all of the above and so much more were NOT true -

this is the work you want to do
in the place you want to do it
and the way you want to do it
just because you want to BE there
forever and ever

and, eventually - 

it becomes critical, unarguable and NON-NEGOTIABLE because - 

you motherfucking said so, and come hell or high water you are NEVER going to not know that this?

Is just the place you are meant to be.
And the one where you are most free.
Are you ready to join me in that place? To go within, and uncover, fully reveal, and fully say YES to, the work that is there waiting to be released? The YOU that is there waiting to be seen? The FLOW that is there waiting for you to LEAN,
ALL the way in until you fall fall fall and forget that you were ever holding on at all or NOT falling?

You know that everything you're still wanting to find, figure out, become, or do, is on the other side of the fact that you SAID simply yes, but ALL the way yes, to you.

And you know. 

That the rules. The constraints. The shackles. The shoulds. The 'this is how it is'. Are simply NOT how it gets to be, should ever be, WILL ever actually HAVE to be, for you.

(So it's about now o'clock that you finally acknowledged this!)
You also know:
That there are so much higher heights for you to reach energetically
And with your certainty
That every part of what you create, release, market, or sell gets to come from the DEEPEST depths of flow
That selling itself gets to be PART of the magic, the dance, the flow, and indeed - just an extension of the work
That you have barely even touched the starting blocks when it comes to saying YES to that work, the true work, the you work
That there is magic infinite and untold, right there at your finger tips and waiting on YOU, when you succumb to that place
That wisdom from the ages, creative knowledge and vision, and an energy and a power that will lift you and carry you to the heavens, before plopping you firmly into the throne seat where you belong, is RIGHT THERE TOO.
You know:
That you are limiting yourself. Handcuffed AF. When you continually attempt to DO,
before you go BE
That there is SO much. CRAZY much. RIDICULOUS much. Makes you wanna weep and cry and tear hair and gnash TEETH much. That you should.fucking.let.out.
And yet you just - don't. And there is no excuse or reason for that other than that you just - didn't. And that every day you promise yourself it will be different and it's just - not. And you freaking KNOW it should be SO different by now, not just that you DID the damn thing, but also that the damn biz | money | empire | life | EVERYTHING flow should, well - 
be fucking flow by now!
And you know:
That it is so so SO just - time.
Line in the sand.
Enough is enough.
And that if you would ONLY - walk run fall DRAPE yourself over the damn line and refuse to move,

the whole world would open shift morph CHANGE for you,
to be exactly
and all
and SO much fuck yes, ALL the way fuck yes
that you knew it always would be,
only ever could be,
and finally now GETS to be

The thing is ... 
you have NO idea of all that you're keeping in the wings of your life right now simply because you refuse to quit dancing both sides of the line and thinking you can somehow do the whole operate from your FULL supernatural badass flow self thing whilst also making sure you play it 'proper' within the container you were told is RIGHT.
The thing is ... 
You know EXACTLY. In some part of you. That you catch at times as it floats on by you. JUST HOW DAMN GOOD IT WOULD BE. So let's not bullshit ourselves that you have no idea. Even though you have NO IDEA. 
The thing is ... 
you were born for the supernatural baby. That's just how it is. 
The thing is ... 
at some point you really do need to go all in on that. YOU KNOW THIS.
The thing is ... 
you will live your whole life promising yourself you're gonna live your real life. If you don't do something about it NOW.
The thing IS ... 
I MADE THIS FOR YOU. For me. For ALL of us.

Write. Speak. FLOW. Repeat.

18 Days with Me Baby. To Unlock the Deepest You.

  • Daily audio or video from me (all new content, all new course!)
  • ​Daily journal prompts + suggested exercises + action steps to take
  • ​I'll show you directly how to access your DEEPEST flow | magic | truth
  • ​And then I'll show you PRECISELY how to direct that into the creative | business | money | audience | LIFE outcomes you want, and know are there for you
  • ​And I'll show you how to do it in a way that is ONLY fuck yes and holy what the supernatural what even WAS that, and ALL - from that place.
We begin: Monday November 22
See you inside Write. Speak. FLOW. Repeat gorgeous. I've been waiting to do this work with you for so long.
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